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Illustration of foot, foot, foot…

I’m sure everyone has something that they draw on a piece of paper at hand while doing something without being aware of it.
I used to draw complicated patterns.
But I have found myself drawing feet in these years.

Not only bare feet, but I also draw them with shoes, or shoes only.

Illustration, the story of feet

I’m tall, so when there are a lot of people around, I can’t help but see lots of heads.
That’s why I pay more attention to the feet.

The shape and appearance of feet is as individual as the face, and it’s very interesting world to observe closely.
Rather than being interested in shoes, I feel that the feet themselves have a story.

How to walk is another something but,
It is a part that captures my imagination as it carries and supports a human body, looking happy, sad, full of energy, tired… etc.
Feet are the parts that stimulate my imagination.

I love this shoes illustration.

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