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Special 8B pencil drawing of cats, I uploaded work in process on my youtube.
(Fashion and film.. previously on my portfolio)

Cat drawing is main theme in my life

I love to draw cats in my daily life.
I’ve lived with cats for 20 years. I’ve spent my life with cats and pencils.
Drawing cats heals me, and let me back to normal anytime.

8B pencil of GEKKOSO is amazing quality!

I love this pencil, GEKKOSO 8B pencil, very smooth and soft to draw.
And this heavy weight is so good for craft, white, and any paper to make draft of illustration.

This smooth and soft pencil helps me to draw cats with good music and tasty coffee, at the desk, table, cafe, park…anywthere.

This shop is located in GINZA, Tokyo. It’s very small shop but like wonderland for creator and children.
If you have a chance to go to Tokyo in Japan, I recommend you to visit this tiny and beautiful shop.


Drawing animals is same to fashion illustration

I love to draw animals.(here animal illustration with water color

The form and line of animals are so important, same to fashion model posing for me.
I found the most beautiful line for each animals.

The concept of my project,「Faces of the globe」, is same theme for me.I respect each lives in the world.

I want to express and create as much as I can in my life.
However, there are too many where I’ve never seen.
I imagine with data and images which I’ve search on google, under this corona virus.

I’ve not visit zoo for these years, but I plan to say hello them soon.
I hope they’ll be able to overcome cold winter.

And I intend to upload the work in process of another animal drawing.

Kazue Shima Youtube Channel!

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