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My History

I started to draw and design after runway model. So, my work is based on the study of forms and technique, line and style.
At the same time, the atmosphere of the scenes is important for me.
Mostly, I’m inspired by people-watching, music and many colors.
And my creation is expression of  culture and the importance people connect the world.

Illustration meaning is beautiful shape, form and life.

Illustration and Works

・Movie illustration for magazine”M2″
・Illustrations for Bridal , paper and Web site.
・Cover design and illustrations for publication
・PC magazine, movie colum illustration/ ASCII publishing
・Navigation art for children education site
・Felissimo/ All images for 500 Colored Pencils
・International Medical Publishing illustration
・Serialization Comics for child company
・New York Observer/ Collector spring watch edition, cover illustration
・Rockhills Garden/ Decorative fashion drawings
・Illustrations for Men’s fashion magazin
・Motif design for kitchen goods / 212kitchen store
・Charactor design of Tokyo 2020 newspaper for children /Paralympic support center
・Illustration and Typography for interior fabric / Timeless Comfort
・Illustrations for men’s fashion catalog
・Illustrations for poster for fashion event
・Works are published on ” Fashion Drawing” / LAURENCE KING PUBLISHING LTD
・Illustration for Tokyo2020 Paralympic PR magazine / The Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Center
・Many illustration works for WEB, Magazine, news papers.
・Hair Product Styling book illustrations

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