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Intestinal bacteria and illustration.
This title is big theme for me in these months.

I’ve known that the intestines and their bacteria are sometimes called our ‘second brain’.
And I feel this has a great influence on my creations.

In particular, I realized that the bacteria in our intestines have a lot to do with everything.

I have experienced terrible diets, through my work as a fashion model in my younger years.
And now, I started to improve my life, focusing on diet and exercise.

I try to take in as many different kinds of bacteria as possible.
I am conscious of the nutrients I eat, such as fiber and protein.
On the other hand, I’ve known stress is your biggest enemy.

When I create something, I can feel my intuition improve and I don’t hesitate anymore.
When I start to regulate my intestinal bacteria,
the things I draw and the lines I draw are upgraded.
There is no more anxiety or hesitation about what to make.

I know the organs in the body communicate and maintain balance.
But the intestines may be a different and independent organ after all.
I would like to live with this important intestine as my personal partner in the future.


Diet And Intestinal Bacteria Linked To Healthier Immune Systems
( Science Daily)

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