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Faces Of The Globe Project
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Project to draw ALL faces in the world! I started this project.

We were tossed about by a virus that threatened humanity in 2021.
I thought about the existence of humanity, the way we are, our connections, and our fellowship.
There are people who have thought a lot,
and  who have fought something without being given time to think.

Talking, eating, wearing and walking…

How do we accept a history in which so much has been restricted, violated, and controlled?
As I spent my days alone, I thought about tomorrow, the future, and so many other things.

I hope the days that the people in the world can  connect with each other without restrictions or infringements
and with respect for human rights will come.
I started this project with the idea of drawing the people who exist in this world now.

I’m free to imagine the viewing, language, culture that I’ve unexperienced.
I hope I’ll talk them as much as possible in my life.

I’ll report my progresses in my blog and  you will enjoy my works in the page of “faces of the globe“.

And Merry Christmas to the world!!


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