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Drawing sketch Oct 14, 2021

Drawing sketch Oct 14, 2021 I upload my daily drawing sketches by date, selecting only the drawings I like. There are various kinds of drawing sketches that I unexpectedly like or don't like after I draw them. The notebook for…

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Papers for drawing sketch

Papers for drawing sketch...I've searched and checked always. I purchased some notes at MUJI shop. The important points for me are size, drawing comfort, ease of use, and ease of flipping through. I'm just looking for the paper is for…

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Fashion illustration of swimwear for woman

Fashion illustration beachwear. How about this word?? "Beach wear" "Swimsuit" "Swimwear" ... What should I call it? While thinking. I often draw illustration of swimsuits. Because, I think it's woman's body line looks beautiful? The difference in color, bikini, dress,…

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