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Fashion illustration beachwear.
How about this word??
“Beach wear” “Swimsuit” “Swimwear” …
What should I call it? While thinking.

I often draw illustration of swimsuits. Because, I think it’s woman’s body line looks beautiful?
The difference in color, bikini, dress, etc.

Do you like bikini? or dress?

If I’ll get the question Which is easier to draw for me?,
I’ll answer “1 peace type”.
I prefer the line that is a little closer to the old horizontal, considering about the leg line.

I think it doesn’t matter if the swimsuit has shoulder straps or not, but if so
I think it’s important where the shoulder straps are on the top.

This is just about ease of drawing,
I think so with an actual swimsuit.

What is the leg line of a swimsuit that makes your legs look longer?

The “high leg” line was popular in the past.
I guess it’s a style to make your legs look a little longer.
I think the key to making legs look longer is to hide them a little.

And when I draw swimsuits, I prefer the color of the swimsuit to be darker. The same is true when I actually wear it.
But with the Corona disaster, I can’t go out to the beach, and there are no beautiful beaches in Tokyo to begin with.

I hope that the time will come soon when I will be free to go wherever I want.

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